Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yippee - Jack starts school!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life - Jack started school!

People keep asking me if I am sad - are you crazy? - I can now have some time to myself... pedicures, coffees, walks... oh, and that's right, WRITING!

As you will notice from my lack of blog entries, I have been too busy to write of late...and it's all because of CHILDREN (whom I love dearly of course!)

But now I have no excuses as Jack had his first day of school today; I have to get on with my book.

In some respects I am glad it has taken me so long to write my book, because what I love most about the writing process is the way a book evolves - when I look back to my original draft a year ago, I cannot believe it is the same book.

I keep having to add little bits here and there - partly because I am influenced by many of my friends who have such wonderful words of wisdom, such as the following:

Bill (a grandfather) in reference to my naivety concerning the male species: "Rebekah, you have to realise that when a man's big head gets soft his small head gets hard!"

Caroline (a friend) in reference to my ex-husband's camera being bigger than mine: "Rebekah, just because it's big doesn't mean he knows how to use it!"