Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rejections and nipple warmers!

Each morning I venture out to my letterbox and nervously lift the lid.

In the good old days I would be thrilled to see an internationally stamped envelope.

Nowadays I remove the contents already knowing what they contain - REJECTIONS.

Each standard letter is polite and encouraging with its message to 'keep trying' (in other words, do not give up your day job!).

So what is a determined girl like me to do? Send a gift basket to Ellen DeGeneres of course!

I am hoping that Ellen will like the concept of book enough to give a copy of it to each pregnant guest in her MOTHERS DAY show next year. Surely receiving a book about travelling the world with two young children is more interesting that getting a gift of diapers and strollers!

I placed my manuscript (secured with a big bow) into a box and surrounded it with iconic kiwi gifts hoping that it would be passed on to Ellen.

I managed to find a Christchurch company that made possum fur nipples warmers, so I hope that the two pairs I included for Ellen and Portia would at least get her attention!

Now all I have to do is... WAIT... Again!