Saturday, March 12, 2011

For cool dudes everywhere!

Lots of young guys are given a hard time by the media. They are often represented as binge drinkers, party crashers and general trouble.

So I had to tell this little story about three 18 year olds called Todd, Travis and Josh.

I was sitting on the beach at low tide with my friend Sue while our two 5 year olds Jack and Pablo shared Pablo's skim board and attempted to give this new water sport a go (rather unsuccessfully to say the least).

After a few minutes we noticed Jack and Pablo go up to some older boys (Travis & friends) who were also skim boarding. I felt sorry for these guys, who spent the next hour giving Jack and Pablo lessons on how to skim.

When the big boys began to return to their cars (leaving the 5 year olds to practice) I yelled out to Travis 'Hey boys, thanks so much for being so kind to our kids. We hope our boys grow up like you.' They replied, 'No worries, it was fun.'

A few minutes later they returned and Travis said, 'Hey, my board is quite old and I have a few more at home, so I was wondering if the boy who does not have a board (Jack) would like this one.' WOW!

I wish I had an appropriate gift to give back to them in return, but the only item I had on hand at the time was pink sprinkle biscuits. They happily accepted some :)

It is heartening to know that there are such generous young men in the world. How cool was that. Jack's face lit up when I gave him the news. Here's to cool dudes!