Monday, August 16, 2010


I have not written much on my blog since June because I have been waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Unfortunately I have had to give up waiting, realising that the agent in London that I sent my gift box to (with manuscript) is probably not going to get back to me.

This is hard to accept (after all, it cost me over $200 and tons of energy) but I guess this is the way it goes in the publishing industry. It's tough!

So after finally accepting that I was not going to receive a phone call asking me to jump on a plane to London to sign a contract, I decided I had better contact a few more agents (I apologise to them ahead of time for the fact that I cannot afford to send them all gift boxes - you will just be getting the gift of my book!).

So last Friday after printing over 3000 pages I sent 50 manuscripts off to New York and London agents - now all I have to do is WAIT (again!).