Monday, December 6, 2010

Rebekah the Business Woman!

In a couple of days time I am attending a New Business Seminar run by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise in the hope of starting and running a successful publishing company.

Why am I doing this you may ask? Let's just say there have been no six figure advances offered for my book yet! However, I am a determined woman who is not going to let this stop me from publishing my travel memoir.

I know absolutely nothing about running a business, but ask my friends and they will tell you that I have the tenacity to achieve my dreams.

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anthonymaywrite said...

Good on you Rebekah! Keep that entrepreneurial flame burning.

I have made a foray into running my own business before although in a totally different market. Given this the only advice I can really give is that you have to be committed 100%, roll with the punches and use absolutely any resource available to you while maintaining good relationships. And I suppose the biggest thing is to believe in yourself!

I'm just getting into the whole writing journey. I have had many story ideas but I'm finally sitting down to put in the hard yards to get a novel written (my imagination is much more interesting than my life!). The story of your struggle is very heartening as it's good to have companions on what is a very hard journey to get published. :)