Friday, January 21, 2011

A quick update on my bestseller!

Ok, so I have tried a few strategies in my quest to get published:

Agents - I have spent hundreds of dollars sending hundreds of copies of my manuscript, only to receive hundreds of rejections!

Ellen DeGeneres - I sent a $200 gift box which included iconic Kiwi gifts with the centre piece being my manuscript tied up with a pretty pink bow (maybe I should have gone for a rainbow ribbon!). On reflection I made a couple of mistakes with this strategy. The first being the fact that my manuscript was just that, a manuscript, rather than a published book. The second mistake I made was including 2 pairs of possum fur nipple warmers, for Ellen and Portia. I thought they would like the humorous aspect of these novelty items, that is until I discovered that both women are staunch animal rights activists. Oops!

After spending nearly a thousand dollars on the above actions I did a writing course (yes, after writing my book) and realised that my manuscript needed A LOT of editing. Maybe this had something to do with those rejections!

So I have now employed the amazing services of Kineret Yardena, who is a fantastic writer herself. I have also decided to self publish, which I believe is going to bring a more satisfying and hopefully successful journey towards the achievement of my dream.

Whatever the outcome, I am loving this writing adventure and could not imagine life now without it :)

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