Monday, March 1, 2010

The help of friends - Part I

I have many wonderful friends, who wanting me to be successful, are always willing to give me their valuable advice. After all, they are my market audience, so it always good to get their opinions, even though they are often conflicting.

FRIEND #1. SARAH - We catch up regularly to work on the editing of my book. last week the weather was fine, so Sarah thought it might be nice to take a flask of coffee and biscuits to a local park so her dog could get some exercise while we worked(I had no idea that this patch of green was doggie paradise - there were hundreds of the little barkers).

In between barks we started to discuss the idea of having a screenplay style introduction of the three main characters (the boys and I) and because I am film-obsessed I thought this was a great idea.

Much to my disappointment, our discussion got cut short by the humping dogs that we could no longer stomach, which along with a female stranger who started to lean over my shoulder to eavesdrop on our conversation caused us to pack up our bags and do a runner (while trying to dodge the dog poop all over the grass).

FRIEND #2. CAROLINE - Because Caroline lives near the sea we thought we would meet for our editing session on the beach, this time with a flask of tea.

Caroline told me that she felt I did not offer the reader detailed descriptions of the people we met on our travels. I agreed and told her that I would use my new Dictaphone (my new best friend) to help with this.

Unfortunately, like my session with Sarah, the outdoors would interrupt our talk, because out of the corner of her eye, Caroline spotted about six gorgeous half-naked hunks in the water tackling each other playing ball (what is it about men, balls and grabbing each other?). Unable to concentrate, we went home to get our swimsuits. Editing could wait.

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