Thursday, March 4, 2010


Finding time to write as a single mum of two young boys has been difficult (to say the least).

Marco being twelve is relatively independent, but Jack is only four and as a result still demands much of my time.

Actual time Jack is at Kindergarten each week = 17 hours

Now, this sounds like a reasonable amount of time to do my writing, but let's be real and subtract parenting tasks from those hours:

Time to walk Jack to and from Kindergarten = 5 hours
Time to go on Kindy trip to aquarium = 4 hours
Time to wash Jack's sheets that he wet during the night (because in my state of fatigue, I forgot to put a night time nappy on) = 1 hour

This leaves seven hours of free time (as long as I am not tempted to go up the road for a coffee with my good friend Julie, or spend time writing my blog, which I admit I am becoming a little obsessed about).

So here are my excuses for taking so long to finish my book. Better get cracking...

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